West Coast Session 9 Mixtape! I took a different approach this year, blending gifted musicians with talented athletes.

A week in Jackson Hole and a week in Whistler with Tim Durtschi and Nick McNutt resulted in lots of pow, natural hits and butters, despite early season conditions.

Showcasing the K2 Skis Young Gun team at Windells Academy in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Recap of the 8th West Coast Session. Frenchman Jeremy Pancras demonstrating his abilities on the other side of the Atlantic among a well-rounded crew from the Old World and the New.

A week of camping and skiing among old and new friends at Timberline.

A day in the misty Mount Baker backcountry with the boys.

Coming off a year-long ACL tear rehab, Jeremy Pancras asserts his dominance over the early season park at Les Deux Alpes, France.

Seattle local Sam Kurdy skating two of the city's skateparks.